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We have the following Bird Tours. North and South Peru. Visiting  Iquitos, Cuzco, Puerto Maldonado. And with days tours in Lima. See our Calendar with its differents programs with bilinguial guides, scopes, food, transport with private driver. All ours tours include the transfer go and back from your hotel. 

  • Center
  • Center Peru: Carpish and Junin Lake 9 days
    Tour Code: BC01   |   Price: 9 days since 1,900 US$

    CENTRAL PERU: CARPISH AN JUNIN LAKE 9 DAYS Day 1. Transfer to hotel in miraflores. Day 2. Morning in Lima birding Pantanos de Villa for Peruvian Thickknee, Inca Tern, Humboldt Penguin, Peruvian Seaside Cinclodes and many more.  PM. Flight fr...

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  • Lima days: Trip to Santa Eulalia 1 day. Choose your day
    Tour Code: BC02   |   Price: 1 day since 150 US$

    BIRDING AROUND LIMA: SANTA EULALIA VALLEY (1 day) At  the east of Lima. Depart very early from your hotel in Lima to Santa Eulalia Canyon. We will find the Rufous-breasted Warbling-Finch,  Oasis Hummingbird, Peruvian Shertail, Bronze-tailed Comet, Great...

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  • Lomas de Lachay and Ventanilla Lagoons (1 Day)
    Tour Code: BC03   |   Price: 1 Day. Since:150 US&

    Birding around Lima: Lomas de Lachay  & Ventanilla  Lagoons ( 1 Day ) Lomasde Lachay. In the desert-like coast is lomas a type of vegetation formed by the mist clouds rolling in from the sea. It is  110 km knorth on the Pan Ameri...

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  • Lima Days: Pucusana Beach & Puerto Viejo Marshes
    Tour Code: BC04   |   Price: 1 Day: Since 150 US$

      BIRDING IN PUCUSANA,  PUERTO VIEJO MARSHES AND PANTANOS DE VILLA In Pucusana we will find: Humboldt Penguin,  Peruvian Pelican, Inca Tern, Red-legged Cormorant, Peruvian Seaside Cinclodes, , Guanay Cormorant. Puerto Viejo is very similar to P...

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  • Birding Lima, Paracas & Nazca Lines (3 days)
    Tour Code: BC05   |   Price: 3 days since 310 US$

      BIRDING IN SOUTH OF LIMA: PISCO & PARACAS &  NAZCA LINES (3 DAYS) Day 1: From Lima we go on the Pan American Highway. At Puerto Viejo we will find White-tufted Grebe, Great Grebe, White-cheeked Pintail, waders and gulls. And also to search...

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  • Sea Lions & Penguins. Palomino Islands
    Tour Code: BC06   |   Price: $69. Transf. incl.

    (BC06) BIRDS & SEA LIONS SINCE LIMA: TOUR BY BOAT TO THE PALOMINO ISLANDS  FOR BIRDERS & NON-BIRDERS A half day trip by boat to Palomino Island. To just 30 minutes since Lima, Callao instead of going to the Ballestas Islands in Paracas. F...

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  • Pelagic
    Tour Code: BC07   |   Price: Since $250. USD w/transfer

    FULL DAY PELAGIC BIRDING TRIP Pelagic from Lima-Callao: Birds, Sea Lions, Whales, Dolphins & Penguins. 1 Day PELAGIC 2018 - 2019 CHOOSE A DAY AND WE WILL FIX A DEPARTURE FOR YOU    For bir...

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  • Sea Lions & Condor-watching (2 Days)
    Tour Code: BC08   |   Price: Since $200 pax

                                                          Sea Lions & Condor-watching (2 days) These tours combined a well plann...

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